Hailing from The Shetland Islands, The Revellers are a seven-piece juggernaut that combine fiddle, mandolin and tenor banjo with heavy metal, punk and alternative rock rhythm sections. The end result is something which has been nicknamed by onlookers as “heavy folk music” or “Viking metal”. Praised for their energetic live shows and stage antics, they have been described as one of the most entertaining bands in the north. While all members are based on the isles, they have played festivals and venues around the UK and Europe, and have performed with the likes of Big Country, The Levellers and The Chair.

“I hope it (Skeletons) gets heard by festival organisers… they are a dynamic live act…” Folking.com

“An air of defiance combined with joie de vivre and an energy surplus providing a stinging nip.” Fatea

“…the energy of early punk at its best and most lyrical.” Folking.com

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  • Featured on: Northern Lights Compilation 2017

The Revellers Music

Here are a couple of tracks from The Revellers album ‘Skeletons’