This compilation album represents a broad cross-section of the artists Birnam works with, from high-energy young Trad bands to inspiring singer-songwriters with dashes of quality Jazz and World Music thrown in for good measure.

We hope you enjoy listening. During WOMEX 2019 if you’d like to meet with us you can contact us via the Scottish desk at the Horizon Stand 1.10-1.34.

  1. 01 Fire Under the Bridge Pons Aelius
  2. 02 Fortune Finn Paul
  3. 03 The Peeriefool Gnoss
  4. 04 The Mermaid Kim Richards
  5. 05 New Mexico Jake Aaron
  6. 06 Drifting Captain of the Lost Waves
  7. 07 Winter Winds Amy Papiransky
  8. 08 Waltz in Em Norman Mackay
  9. 09 Baleiro Samba Azul
  10. 10 Lust RURA
  11. 11 Golden One The Brothers Gillespie
  12. 12 In Arden Steve Garrett and Peter Lowit with James Edge
  13. 13 Rhosyn Saron Gwen Màiri
  14. 14 First Light Alvorada
  15. 15 Nach gorach mi gad chaoineadh Stuart A Jackson
  16. 16 The Big Islands Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach
  17. 17 Under the Stars The Blue Moon Travellers
  18. 18 Train to Anywhere Barry Nisbet
  19. 19 Gortavale Rock / The Road to Poynton Kinnaris Quintet
  20. 20 Betty Mouat's Sang Claire White with Robbie Leask
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Birnam Music 2019 Compilation CD

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